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Snoopy's World

Snoopy’s World is comprising of various amusement zones such as the Snoopy House, Peanuts Academy, Canoe Ride, Peanuts Dugout, Peanuts Boulevard and much more. The 4.5-meter tall Snoopy House at the entrance to the playground also doubles as a museum dedicated to all the Peanuts characters, as well as their famed creator, Charles Schulz. For group visit, please contact (852) 2697 9898 for details. 

The Community Hall at Snoopy’s World offers a premium wedding service that makes your dream wedding come true. Our adorable Snoopy will be present to witness your wedding's most wonderful and memorable moments, making your big day even more special. 

Online Wedding Booking Service & Details:


L3, Phase I11am to 7pm+(852) 2697 9898


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